The Calculator allows you to make Recipes.

As Materials and Amounts are added to the Calculator form, the Chemical Analysis of the recipe is automatically calculated.

The recipe is also automatically plotted on the Si:Al chart.

The Glazy Calculator

How to Create a Recipe

This video shows how to create a recipe using the Calculator:

Why are materials missing from the calculator?

In the first version of Glazy, all materials in the database were shown in the calculator. Not only did this slow down the calculator, it also gave users too many options that they would most likely never use.


For the new version of Glazy, materials in the calculator are limited to your inventory. To view your inventory, just visit in new window

(In the future, the inventory page will be able to keep track of how much materials you use, and which materials you currently have in stock.)

How do I add a material to my inventory (and the calculator)?

  1. Log in to Glazy
  2. Find the material you want to add at
  3. Click the "Add to Inventory" button. GlazyAddInventory

The material is now available in your inventoryopen in new window and calculatoropen in new window.

Adding materials to inventory from the Calculator

You can also add materials to your inventory directly from the Calculator. Just type the name of the material you are looking for:

Calculator Invenory Search

Automatically Importing Recipes

Glazy lets you automatically import recipes by simply copying & pasting. Glazy will do it's best to interpret the pasted recipe, but sometimes automatic import might not work. For example, the recipe to be imported may include a material that does not exist in Glazy.

To begin importing recipes, just click the "Show Recipe Import" button:

Import Recipe Button

This video demonstrates how to import recipes in various formats:

Calculator Examples

Material Substitution

How to make a glaze material substitution in Glazy

Substituting Local Materials

If you want to try a recipe you find in Glazy but don't have all the materials, you may be able to substitute local materials instead. This video will show you how.

Material Substitution 2

Another example of how to substitute glaze recipe materials in Glazy.

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