# About

There's no way to adequately credit everyone involved in building what has become the Glazy database. Throughout the years, thousands of ceramic artists have refined their recipes and generously shared them with others via the mail, publications like Ceramics Monthly, and email lists like Clayart. Glazy is simply the latest incarnation of a "recipe sharing" tool.

The Glazy database of ceramic recipes was originally seeded with data from Linda Arbuckle's (opens new window) GlazeChem database (opens new window), John Sankey's glaze database (opens new window) (which is based on the extensive work by Alisa Clausen (opens new window)), and Louis Katz's (opens new window) Hyperglaze database (opens new window).

The Glazy website was created by Derek Au (opens new window).

John Britt (opens new window), Alisa Liskin Clausen (opens new window), Terry Rorison (opens new window) and Tara Hagen (opens new window) were early contributors and included their glaze tests with images.

Glazy is in continuous development, guided by technical input from a number of potters around the world. In particular, Pieter Mostert (opens new window) and Matt Katz (opens new window) have provided invaluable insights and suggestions.

# About the Software

Glazy was built using the latest open source tools, including Laravel (opens new window), Vue (opens new window),D3 (opens new window), Bootstrap (opens new window), and bootstrap-vue (opens new window). This documentation was made using Vuepress (opens new window).

Glazy Documentation Repository (opens new window)

# Getting Help

Ideas for improving Glazy? Encounter a bug? Questions about glazes in general? Just log into Glazy and click the "? Help" button to create a new Glazy Help Post (see screenshot below).

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# Contacting Glazy

Glazy is a work in progress. If you notice a bug or have an idea to improve Glazy, please contact us at derek [at] glazy [dot] org.

If you have a question about a specific recipe or material, the Ceramics Recipes Group (opens new window) on Facebook is a great place to ask.

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