You can organize recipes and materials in Glazy in two ways:

  • Fill in recipe and material metadata including the type & subtype (e.g. "Celadon" or "Flux"), cone temperature, atmosphere, etc.
  • Bookmark recipes and materials into Bookmark Folders


Editing Recipe Metadata

It's important to add metadata so that you and others can easily find recipes and materials.

For example, imagine you are looking for a blue glaze. You can search for the keyword "blue", but only recipes with the actual word "blue" in the name or description will be found. But there are many blue recipes that don't actually have the word "blue" in the name or description. Glazy also has many blue glazes contributed by users from other countries, and they have written "blue" in their own language.

So in general, it is much better to search by the multilingual Type & Subtype fields (e.g. "Glaze -> Blue") rather than by keywords. Correspondingly, it's important for users to correctly categorize their recipes and materials using the metadata fields like Type & Subtype.

Bookmarking Recipes

You can easily bookmark individual or multiple Recipes from the Search page:

In this screenshot, you can see multiple recipes being checked and bookmarked:

Bookmarking Multiple Recipes

You can bookmark a single recipe by clicking the Bookmark button:

Bookmarking a Single Recipe

In the Bookmark dialogue, either select an existing Bookmark Folder or create a new Folder by typing in a name.

Viewing Your Bookmark Folders

Your Bookmark Folders are displayed on the search form on your home page:

Your Bookmark Folders

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