Plaster Calculator in new window

Plaster Calculator


Pieter's Lipgloss, a python app for calculating recipes from UMF analyses. Currently still in development. The source code can be found hereopen in new window.

Version 2, which is faster and (hopefully) easier to install, can be found hereopen in new window.

Currie Grid Calculator

Tom's Currie Grid calculator: in new window

Glaze Formulator

Dan Lizotte's Glaze Formulator, a web application built using R for creating recipes from UMF analyses: in new window

Specific Gravity Calculator

Jason Bruce's Specific Gravity calculator in new window in new window

Ceramic Chemistry Visualization

Various types of web visualizations for ceramics. Includes Javascript Stull Charts. in new window

GlazeMaster 3

GlazeMaster 3 Downloads (now free, including FileMaker source)

No longer available, site on

Some other good resources to search for ceramics info:

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